• Introducing our new Platform

    My name is Martin co founder of L.Eyes Eyewear and excited to announce the new Online Learning Platform about teaching people how to create online businnesses. https://youtu.be/XJ67zoNvQYM

  • Jacob Hohua Interview

    Learn more about Jacob and his many talents. He is a Father, personal trainer, model, actor and qualified stuntman. One thing we love about him is his humility and positive vibe. https://youtu.be/RTT6N0Dp3Ts

  • Matty Art Bro Interview

    Matty Tepaea also known as Matty Art Bro has an incredible talent and we are excited to share where he finds his motivation in doing what he is passionate about. https://youtu.be/Za-LPV-z1f0

  • I am Māori by Daizha Maraki

    Daizha has been modelling for us at L.Eyes Eyewear for awhile and we wanted to share this awesome representation of what Aotearoa means to her and being Māori in Australia. https://youtu.be/KaXvkGCPUlk

  • Iese Pouhila

    Iese Pouhila is Samoan/ Tongan and encourages those who want to pursue their passions to just give it a go. Iese has been modelling part time and has an amazing presence about him. https://youtu.be/P06wWtxVnlg

  • Ash Jackson, The man behind the lens

    Meet the man behind the lens! Ash Jackson founder of 444 studios based in the Gold Coast. https://youtu.be/AS9KQjql-Q0

Road Map to Success

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The Moa Verse NFT project has an array of stages that we will be working towards to build the foundation of the Platform and also ensure the Utility behind the NFT is solid enough to build an asset that will provide unlimited value to your life through education and entrepreneurship. First stage is Only 1000 NFTS and all members of the First stage will not only get 1 NFT but 2 when we hit the 2nd Phase. The money generated from the sales will be reinvested into making this platform a strong resource. $100,000 will go towards course content and mentors, $100,000 will go towards content and inspiring stories. $200,000 will go towards employment of staff to create an amazing online learning community

Online Learning Platform In Construction Coming Soon in March 2022

Our goal is to help people earn extra money online through selling products and services online. The Moa Verse is an online learning platform with courses, tools, and the 24 hour assistance you need to start your own business and monetise your brand. To access the platform we have the Moa Verse memberships available as a presale and will be up and running March 2022

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