Building The Moa Verse membership

Building The Moa Verse membership

What is significant about the Moa and Feels like home bro? We are creating the Moa Verse here at feels like home and it is a community of like minded people who are entrepreneurs or business owners needing help solving issues. We will be building it using our NFTs on the Ethereum network with specific utility to help its owners.

When we first started in business we had many questions and wanted to find many answers quickly but we didn't know where to turn. We ended up hitting You Tube university and search for answers. In some cases it really helped us navigate but it didn't give us the full picture of what we needed. 

We are huge believers in mentors and networking with people who are successful. Lately we have had some amazing help from the team at Te Whare Hukahuka (The House of Innovation). I first had help from the Nuku programme and also mentorship from Travis O'Keefe. This was the assistance we needed to improve our business. 

We would get help and pay for courses like the Mike Dillard programme, Traffic Funnels and FB ads. The help was invaluable and gave us the knowledge we needed to improve. We would draw knowledge from books, and follow entrepreneurs but one thing that we lacked was local knowledge. We wanted to identify people of our culture who knew us and our people. Local SME.

Our kaupapa for Feels Like Home bro will be to build this network and foundation to help solve the problems local businesses maybe having. We want to quicken the process of trying to find the answers and assistance to help businesses and entrepreneurs navigate through their challenges and support them where they need. 

What to look forward to for Feels like Home bro and the Moa Verse?

  1. We will be building a list of e-books on business and entrepreneurship.
  2. We will give access to the network of mentors we used and more to help scale our business on a membership basis.
  3. We will have monthly lives and work towards weekly lives of successful businesses sharing their stories. 
  4. We will be building an exclusive group full of our network of businesses that can help and assist you with your questions.
  5. We will help businesses increase their customer base and network by recommending services.
  6. We will give tips and tools and helpful advice on basic business skills such as advertising, marketing, and accounting.
  7. We will be building a network of influencers that can help your business grow.
  8. Create a podcast for our members with local guests and local issues.
  9. We will allow access to L.Eyes Eyewear launches before public release.
  10. We will have huge discounts on products by L.Eyes Eyewear.
  11. Free Moa Verse NFT by FLHB, only 1000 memberships available.

We have a lot of work to do but we are very keen to build the network and tools so that we can help all our amazing people and community. There are exciting times ahead. If you are a business or entrepreneur and want to be apart of this project please reach out. We would love to network with you.