Just 2 Maori from the JGeeks and his new music

Just 2 Maori from the JGeeks and his new music


We caught up with Just 2 Maori to look at where his inspiration comes from with his music. We also wanted to share his latest track with 1814 lead singer Darren.

Q1 where did you find inspiration to write your new track and how has the support been from it?


The inspiration came from the song pass the dutchie, and the reason for my waiata is I loved that song growing up and learned the words were quite sad and mamae so I wanted to bring that vibe back but more happy and vibing with also a mana maori twist 😎


And the support behind it was amazing

Ghostlike Studios produced the whole waiata

With aroha and hard mahi

Also Darren from 1814 jumping on the waiata was such a dream come true

And Teina also came with a lot of mana and he also sparked an idea for this waiata too so it was meant to be 🙏

Q2 As an artist how has Covid affected you and what have you done to work through these hard times.


I have always been a big dreamer and never stopped but yes covid has made it very hard but I like to see the positive in everything and looked at covid as a time to focus on my self and spend time with my son and whanau.


And being stuck at home gave me a lot of time to make more music and focus on waiata but made it a lot harder to make money or get on stage



Q3 is there someone you would love to work with in Aotearoa?


I would love to work with L.A.B

There music really hits home and the vibe

Q4 ylYour very active on tiktok, some of us struggle using the platform, what advice ciukd you give to help build our tiktok community.


As long as you stay consistent

Keep active

And most important be yourself

And with tiktok if you think you have a great idea post it more then once because maybe It just needed to be posted at a different time 😎

In other words don't give up


Q5 Your in the studio atm, whats the new tracks inspired by and how important is being Maori to you and expressing it in your music.



The new song coming out is called

I can feel it ft. See-Niz

Drops this Friday 18th


And it's just a happy reggae song about loving yourself and everyone around you listen to the music and vibe 😅😅


Being maori is very important to me.

I grow up in tikanga maori so it's the only life I know but now loving learning about other cultures and I love putting my culture or tereo in to my music because that's what I wanted as a child...

I always wanted to hear te reo in cool songs so I hope I can make that for the next generation