Krisnan Inu and an update on his life in the Super League

Krisnan Inu and an update on his life in the Super League

I see your family is growing, where do you want to settle?

France for now, keen to see what adventures we can create and see where we continue.

You must miss your family in Sydney, when was the last time you been back?

Yeh, and that’s it exactly. Just family really. Last time I was home was 3 years ago. How many more years do you think you got in the tank? Until the wheels fall off lol. Nah, I’m in that transition stage atm going between starting my off field goals and learning to adjust to life without full time footy.

Whats you biggest career highlight?

My debut game. And playing in front of family and friends every game. What food do you miss back home? Just Kalo.😂😂😂. I don’t eat meat anymore, been 3 years now, so I don’t miss all the island food I grew up on.

What advice would you give a young kid who wants to pursue their dream of playing the elite level of sports.?

Enjoy the hard work that comes with chasing your goals. It’s never going to be easy, and not only talent will get you there. Hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. You might lose some friends on the way, but if they’re you’re friends, they’ll support you & understand. I heard something on a movie I recently watched. “If you aim at nothing, you will hit nothing” So start off with goals. Write them down and hang them somewhere you can see them and be reminded of what you want. Slowly but surely you’ll complete those goals and continue to add to the list. And again.. enjoy it, have fun. Remember it’s a sport, a game, so it was made for fun.

What do you think you will do after footy?

I’ve started tattooing, and want to be better at that. Hopefully open up a shop at some point.