Paua lead singer Jay Thomas new single

Paua lead singer Jay Thomas new single


We had the privilage to ask Jay Thomas, lead singer from Paua and also ex Kulcha member a few questions about his new track featuring Kia Maia. 

 As usual bro im a huge fan, and love the new song! Where did inspiration for the track come from?

Thank you brother.
Soul Feeling is actually a reinvention of a song I originally wrote when I was 17 for my band at the time, Kulcha.
The original Soul Feeling was released in 1995 and reached Number 16 on the Australian singles chart and 18 in NZ.
Over the years I’ve thought about reworking a new version and it crossed my mind again a few months ago so I got into my studio and started vibing!

Q2: love seeing the Collab woth Kia Maia, how did that come about? And do you have plans to collab with other locals?

Yeah bro, I love what he brings to the song. 

As I was producing Soul Feeling, I started feeling a guest artist would add a nice flavour. 

Kia Maia and I had been in contact for a little while and I knew he’d slay it. 

So I invited him in for a studio session and we laid it down. 

Super talented guy with a big future!!

I’ve got a couple of exciting international collabs coming soon but yes definitely would like to explore some more local collaborations in the future.

Q3 people are lovong your solo music especially myself, is there going to be a revival with Paua?

Maybe sometime down the track but right now my focus is on my solo and production work so it’s not in the plans for the time being.

Q4: covid has affected the entertainment industry alot. How has covid affected you?

I guess like everyone it’s been a pretty bizarre and testing couple of years.
I’ve been performing live for the past 26 years so it’s definitely been different not being on stage. In saying that, it’s allowed me to solely focus on my writing, producing and other areas within music.

Q5: Will you be dropping a solo album anytime soon?

I’ve got a few projects in the pipeline and an album is definitely one of them. 

With all the lockdowns, restrictions and crazy stuff going on in the world over the past 2 years, I’ve got a pretty big backlog of songs and demos waiting to be recorded and released.

Q6: whos an artist that your really feeling atm and why?

Ahh man there’s so many! Haha
One that comes to mind straight away is an R&B artist out of America named Joonie who I’ve been feeling for a while. Beautiful singer and songwriter.
If you like classic soulful r&b, check him out.

Greatful for your time bro and no doubt we will be jamming your songs through summer!.