Piki Te Hauora Founders Thriving In Business

Piki Te Hauora Founders Thriving In Business


A few years ago i saw an order come through and the customer sent through a few photos of him wearing the glasses he purchased. Little did i know what would come of that little act. Josh Hohua purchased a pair of sunglasses and we ended up following the bro on social media. A few years went by and we have been in touch with him here and there. We also did some customised sunglasses for them early on in their business journey. 

We watched him join forces with Te Rangi and followed their journey. We almost jumped on their course called Piki Te Hauora but time would not allow us to participate. We watched in awe as they held zoom calls and documented their journey. We would see crazy numbers as they took photos of their calls. We watched their following increase and their course grow significantly. 

Fast forward to 2021 and they have created a platform and business achieving amazing success. We wanted to sit down with them and ask them a few questions to share their story. As a Polynesian eyewear business and being a Māori owned and operated in Australia we face similar challenges as Piki Te Hauora. 

It was really cool being able to spend time with the bros this week and be around like minded people. If you are wanting to learn how to speak Māori we would encourage you to get in touch with Piki Te Hauora and see the courses they provide. They also provide a goodness and wellness course called "Toa with In". It is dedicated to helping people tackle some of life's challenges using traditional methods.

We are excited to share this story of the brothers and their amazing work they are doing. They now have 8 Kaiako, and staff all helping them deliver their amazing course and rapidly growing. They have really inspired me with their story and we hope you enjoy it. We sneakily got them modelling our new sunglasses called Toi and Moana. let us know what you think of their modelling? We said to them now they can include fashion models in their resume. lol.