Collection: Customised Vintage tees

We can customise your whanau tee shirts using your Kaumatua. We love vintage tees, but we would love to create vintage tees with your own household heroes. 

Minimum order is 10 tees. We cater for most sozes from Small to 3XL. 

There is a design fee of $100.00.

What we require?

1)Permission to use the photos you provide woth written consent. 

2)To get a quality design we need the highest quality photos. 

3) We require a written piece of the person we are designing. It helps us bring the design to life. 

4)There are 4 styles to choose from.

5) it can take upto 10 days to design, print and ppst your designed tee shirt. 

6) We cater to NZ, AUSTRALIA, USA, CANADA, UK. 


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