Online Learning Platform

What is the Moa Verse?

We are currently in the process of implementing our online learning platform to help people learn more about building an online business around something they are passionate about. This course is dedicated towards people who want to earn some extra income on a side hustle, or if you have an existing business we will share some tools and strategies that helped us grow as a business.

Our goal is to teach short powerful courses that can be implemented by anyone to get you on the road to building an online business. We have called this learning platform the Moa Verse and to enter into the Moa Verse you have the choice of 2 ways.

  1. Purchase a membership on our website
  2. or Purchase our NFT on Open sea Link to be provided shortly.

In the Moa verse we will have several tools that can help anyone navigate the help they need to learn more about creating an income online and getting paid in your sleep. We have been into ecommerce for 4 years now and the biggest buzz we get is waking up and seeing sales you got while you were asleep.

We had many questions about business  when we first started and how help to set certain things. We had no mentors and didn't know where to look for help. So our vision for this community will give you the exact tools that helped us scale a business from a $350 investment to almost generating 7 figures in revenue. Our goal is to help you learn quickly to cut the time down to have your business up in running in only a few weeks.

We grab everything that you are passionate about and get you on the road to teaching your passions in an online course. If you are doing something you are passionate about then money tends to follow. We can help set up the systems to allow that flow of money come your way. 

Check out the actual membership to see what you will get! Moa Verse Membership . L.Eyes Eyewear was just a hobby where we managed to work our way to finding the solutions to the issues we faced. We search Youtube university and worked our way to success. We will tech the techniques we used to scale our business. 

Our vision with the NFT is that if we provide value to you and many of our community, the value of the NFT will increase and become an asset for you. As the business grows so will the value of the NFT. The more money you make the more the value will increase. So we will only succeed if you succeed and we are passionate about helping you succeed.